Production of mixed type

For enterprises offering standard products from stock as well as products made to the order.

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Create your own constructive files and detailed technological cards for each product.

Automate the task calculations in planning and the writing-off of materials from the warehouse.


Keep track of minimum and optimum availability of materials crucial for your production and if needed, create and schedule purchase orders.

Keep track of minimum and optimum availability of products, and if needed, create production orders to fill in missing quantities.


Choose how to keep track of your production - by batches or serial numbers within each batch.

Allocate the tasks evenly between the different production units.

Efficiently plan the workload over the machine park.

Quality control

Control the quality during each production stage and at the final step of production when the product is ready.

Check the results of the quality control for each batch or serial number.


Manage the sales with Client orders and organize your production based on the ordered quantities.

Make direct sales.

Financial analysis

Plan the production based on the sales reports for certain periods.

Calculate the cost and revenue for each product.