Make-to-order production

For productions organized on the basis of customer orders. Nomenclature of standard products, but option for specific changes according to the order.

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Facilitate the bidding process with the ability to calculate actual production values and viewing of old customer orders prices.

Keep track of the materials included in each product (including serial number) and its cost.


Keep track of the minimum and optimum quantities of essential for the production raw materials and, if necessary, create delivery orders and plan their delivery.

Keep track of the minimum and optimal quantities of the products you produce and, if necessary, create a production order to fill the quantities.


Choose how to control production - on batch level or within a batch system to create a serial number for each product.

Distribute the work evenly between the different production units.

Plan the load on the machinery in the most optimal way.

Quality control

Control the quality at each separate stage of production аs well as the final product.

Track the results of the quality control for each batch or serial number.


Manage the sales by customer orders and organize the production according to the requested quantities.

Make direct sales.

Financial analysis

Schedule the production on the basis of sales records for a given period.

Calculate the cost and revenue of a product.