About the system

TOWERP is a web-based system, focused on the management of the processes in the manufacturing enterprises.

TOWERP's primary goal is to track and manage the entire process within ana enterprise, from the initial contact with a potential customer to the shipment of the ordered goods.

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The architecture of the system allows us to upgrade it with specific modules, and thus satisfy even the most complex workflows.

Integration options

Keep using your favorite systems for accounting, SCADA, Marketing and more. TOWERP has virtually no restrictions on integrating with third-party systems.

The system can be integrated with specific devices such as label printers, electronic scales and others.


End to end encryption of the data. Additionally, the system can be integrated with your local access control system, which enhances the level of security and makes the login easier for employees.

TOWERP has a flexible architecture and provides various options:


The modules in the system are divided into three main areas - production, warehouse, and CRM and sales. Clients can purchase the module groups they need and optimize their licensing and integration costs.


The modules can be configured differently according to the customer's needs.

On request

In case the client's requirements can not be met by the standard modules a specific one can be developed for it.


For the system to be as effective as possible, it is critical to ensure proper integration. That is why our specialist collects in-depth information about the processes in the enterprise in order to understand and describe the individual processes. We then analyze the collected information and suggest the best approach for implementing the system. 

Once we are ready with setting up and adjusting the system to the client's specifications, we train the customer's staff and stay close to them until they become confident using the system. 

You can learn more about the integration process here. тук.