Mass production

For enterprises producing repetitive orders and standard items. Keep track of minimum and optimum stock availability of materials and products.

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Create technical schemes and detailed recipes for each product.

Automate the task calculations in planning and writing-off materials from the warehouse.


Keep track of the minimum and optimum quantities of essential for the production raw materials and, if necessary, create and schedule the delivery orders.

Keep track of the minimum and optimum quantities of the products and, if necessary, create a production order to fill in the missing quantities.


Decide how to control the production - by batch level or by generating a serial number for each product in a certain batch.

Distribute the work evenly between the different production units.

Efficiently plan the workload over the machine park.

Quality control

Control the quality of each production stage and the final product.

Track the results of the quality control for each batch or serial number.


Manage the sales с by client orders and organize the production according to the requested materials..

Make direct sales.

Financial analysis

Schedule the production based on sales reports for a certain period.

Calculate the cost and revenue of a product.